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Winter weather is unpredictable. What's important is that you have a furnace that runs reliably and efficiently during the cold and damp months.

Lynden Sheet Metal Inc offers furnace repairs, replacements, and new installations. If you have a serious problem with your furnace, don't hesitate to contact us for after-hours emergency service. Trust in our 77 years of business experience for the best results.

Understanding Your Furnace Problems

If your furnace isn't working properly and you're not sure if it should be repaired or replaced, here are some problems to look for:
  • Inconsistent heating
  • Loud noises
  • Excessive repair
  • High utility bills
A furnace that is not properly installed with properly sized ductwork can result in inconsistent heating. This decrease in energy efficiency will cost you money and leave you uncomfortable in your home.

If your furnace is improperly sized, the system will continuously recycle. This can result in loud noises and may even harm your system, decreasing its life span.

As furnaces age, they require more maintenance. Eventually, your furnace will need more and more repairs. When facing a major repair on an older furnace, our technicians will discuss whether it is best to repair or replace.

Furnace upgrades have made modern furnaces more energy efficient than previous models. These improved systems give you the ability to save on energy and spend less on your monthly bills.

How Long Will Your Furnace Last?

If you're unsure how much longer your furnace will remain functional, you should keep these 2 tips in mind:
  1. If the repair costs 50% of the furnace's value, it's time for a replacement
  2. Any furnace over 12 years old has a greater risk of developing problems that can become more persistent
Let our technicians thoroughly inspect your furnace. Depending on our findings, we may suggest a complete furnace replacement. This way you'll be prepared for the cold winter nights with a dependable and energy-efficient furnace.
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