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Dependable Metal Fabrication And Welding Shop

Lynden Sheet Metal Inc is the one-stop shop for all your metal fabrication and welding needs.

Our full-service metal fabrication and welding shop allows us to break, form, and weld materials like black steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum from 26 gauge 1/2 inches up to 10-feet long.

In addition, our team can weld in all disciplines. Thanks to our computerized plasma cutter; we're able to cut out highly intricate patterns from metal quickly.

If your job requires WABO certification, you're in luck because our certified welders are ready to get the job done.

Whether you need simple roof flashings or heavy-duty metal fabrication work, Lynden Sheet Metal is happy to assist. If you have a special project in mind, bring us a drawing so we can give you a FREE estimate. This way, you can start turning your idea into a reality. Visit us at 837 Evergreen St.

Comprehensive Kitchen Installations

Upgrade your commercial kitchen by hiring us to install brand-new kitchen hoods, countertops, wall flashings, and trims.

Improve your home's kitchen with metal countertop, range hood, handrailing, and backsplash installations.
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