Handrails & Stairs

Elegant Metal Handrail And Stair Designs

Design The Handrail Or Staircase Of Your Dreams

Impress your guests with a beautifully designed metal handrail or staircase by Lynden Sheet Metal Inc.

Whether you have your own design already or need us to develop one for you, our team is ready to create the railing or stairs of your dreams.

A wide selection of materials are used by our experienced designers who are also fabricators. Our team will conceptualize the entire scenario, from the material's finish to the environment your railing will be in.

Our experts are constantly looking for new railing designs and unique elements that can be utilized to embellish your home, apartment building, or commercial property. Hire us for all your needs, from simple decorations to fully functional custom railings:
  • Interior stair railings
  • Split railings
  • Balcony railings
  • Handrails
  • Bar railings
  • Ornamental designs
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Enjoy Competitive Prices From The Best Welding Company

As the leading welding company in Bellingham, Lynden Sheet Metal offers the most competitive prices. You'll always receive style, finesse, and quality from us!

Our family-owned and operated company is able to work on residential and commercial properties throughout the entire Bellingham area. Request FREE estimates on your railing and staircase projects when you contact us.
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